How to find a water shut off valve

Written by raul avenir | 13/05/2017
How to find a water shut off valve
Know the location of shut off valves in your home. (valve image by Goran Bogicevic from

The water shut off valve is a device that turns off water supply to the connected pipe. It is used to stop the water flow if you have a leak or have to do plumbing repairs. A water shut off valve can be classified as a main shut off valve or a local shut off valve. Main valves are located beside the water meter, while local valves are located beside water output devices such as faucets and toilets. A shut off valve has to be accessed immediately in emergency situations. Knowing where the shut off valves are located is a must for every homeowner.

Go to the water meter and look for the valves beside it. Typically, a shut off valve is right before and after the meter. Turning off either valve will cut off water supply to the whole house.

Go to the toilet. Look for the water shut off valve located directly under the toilet tank. This is a local shut off valve that will only turn off water supply to the toilet.

Go to every sink inside the house. Look for the water shut off valve under the sink. If you have a base cabinet, open the doors and look for the shut off valve inside. If you have hot and cold water supply, it will have two shut off valves.

Go to the dishwasher and find the water shut off valve behind the washer. Do the same for any other appliance that runs water.

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