How to say thank you for funeral flowers or cards

Updated February 21, 2017

After a funeral, the family of the deceased faces the sometimes-daunting task of thanking people for all of the expressions of sympathy they have received. Many funeral homes, such as Rochester Funeral Home, recommend that all cards, flowers and other gifts be acknowledged by a brief, handwritten thank you note. Funeral homes often provide thank you cards, or you may buy them at a local card or stationary shop.

Greet the recipient as you would in any personal note. For example, write “Dear Betty,”.

Thank the recipient and mention his specific gift. For example, write: “Thank you for the lovely rose arrangement that you sent in honour of John” or “Thank you for the kind card and words of encouragement that you sent at Mother’s death.”

Add another sentence that explains why the gift or card was important such as, “Your card reminded me that Mother was special to many people” or “Your bouquet was especially appropriate, as John had a passion for his rose garden.”

Write a closing, such as “Sincerely,” or “Love,” depending on the closeness of the connection between you and the recipient.

Sign the card. You may use your name, or you may sign from the family of the deceased.


For close friends and family members, you may wish to add a few sentences about how much their personal support meant to you during a difficult time.

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