How to convert m4a files to MP3 online

Written by mary green | 13/05/2017
How to convert m4a files to MP3 online
Converting your M4A music files to MP3 makes them accessible by more programs. (mp3 hand image by giovanni cardinali from

Software programs differ on the file formats they can read. Many programs cannot read M4A files. However, most programs can read the more common file format, MP3. If you convert your M4A files to MP3s, they will be easier to access and more programs will be able to use them. You can convert an M4A file to an MP3 file online free of charge.

Locate the M4A file on your computer.

Go to Media-convert (see References).

Click “Browse” next to the “File” box. A window will pop up for you to select your file. Click through the appropriate folders until you locate your file, then double click it or click “Select”.

Check the "Input Format" box to verify that you have selected "MPEG-4 advanced audio coding (.m4a)."

Select "MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer 3 (.mp3)" in the "Output Formats" field.

Read through the terms in the link “I accept the terms” and then Select “OK.”

Download either the direct file or a zipped, which is a smaller file and takes less time to download (especially on dial-up Internet). There is a link to share or download to cell phone. You have the option to keep the link live for 120 days.

Click the "browse" button. A window will pop up allowing you to select your file. Select the desired file and click "Select."

Choose the format to convert your file to. In this case, select "mp3" under "Music Formats."

Enter the email address you want the file sent to upon conversion.

Click the "Convert" button. This means you are acknowledging their terms, which you should read first.

Click "Browse" to choose your file. Choose "Upload." This may take a few moments, depending on the size of the file.

Select "MP3" for the format you want your file converted to. You can also select the file quality you desire.

Click "Convert." Upon conversion, you will be presented with options to download your file.

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