How to get television without satellite or cable

Updated July 20, 2017

Believe it or not, television is becoming increasingly easier to view without a cable or satellite service. Thanks in part to broadband Internet becoming widely available and affordable, your favourite television shows can be found all across the web. While viewing television shows via broadband Internet is still not as easy as simply turning on your television set and flipping through channels, the upside is you can watch what you want, when you want.

Create an account at There are a variety of different subscription services you can sign up for. However to be able to watch your favourite television shows whenever you wish, you will want to sign up for a subscription service that offers unlimited streaming. It is a available at a nominal cost per month.

Connect your Roku Digital Video Player to your television via the auxiliary cables that are included. If you bought a Roku HD (High Definition) or a Roku HDXR (High Definition with Extended Range), use an HDMI cable when connecting the player to your television set.

Follow the on-screen instructions that will tell you how to properly add the player to the network.

Open the Netflix channel on the video player and browse through the library of movies and television shows that are available to watch. While every movie and television series is not available to watch via your broadband connection, over 10,000 are available at any time. In addition to your Netflix subscription, the Roku Digital Video Player offers other channels to view, such as MLB TV, NBA Game Time, and UFC.


If you do not have a wireless router and your broadband modem is fairly close to your television, you may use a wired connection for the Roku Digital Video Player. While the Roku Digital Video Player is the most robust video player for using Netflix, you may also use an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Sony Blu-ray players to view the service. A select few television sets even come with the option to view Netflix strictly from the television, such as LG televisions, Sony HDTVs, and the line of LG and Samsung television sets.


While this is a very convenient way to view television and movies for cheap, you want to have a fast Internet connection (at least 1.2 megabytes per second) to get the best results.

Things You'll Need

  • Broadband Internet with working wireless router
  • Television set (HD is optional)
  • HDMI cable (optional)
  • Roku Digital Video Player
  • Netflix with unlimited streaming subscription
  • DVD/Blu-ray Player (optional)
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