How to register an address with the post office

Updated March 23, 2017

Registering an address with the United States Post Office (USPS) should be one of the most important items on a moving list for any United States resident. This action must be taken whenever someone relocates to ensure all of his personal mail and private information is forwarded to the correct physical mailing address. In recent years, the Internet has made address registration much easier; USPS offers access to such forms and resources online. You can register an address by simply accessing the USPS address registration form online.

Go to the USPS Change of Address form in your Internet browser (see Resources).

Click the "Click Here to Begin" link at the bottom of the USPS Privacy Act Statement to view the Change of Address form. Your Internet browser will redirect you to a new form page.

Click the radio button next to "Permanent" or "Temporary" to indicate the type of USPS address registration you want to take. Scroll down the page and provide a forwarding date.

Enter the numerical date in the USPS data field that will be available to indicate when you'd like the new physical mailing address to become active for your forwarded mail. (See Warnings for more information.)

Click "Continue" and indicate the type of move you will be making. This will pertain to whether the move is for you as an individual, for your family or for business purposes. Click the radio button that applies to your type of move and click "Continue" again.

Type your name in the data fields that will be displayed on the next page of the USPS Change of Address form. Provide your old mailing address and the new forwarding address in the lower data fields.

Enter your e-mail address at the bottom of the form to receive your USPS confirmation for the address change and registration.

Complete the USPS identity verification on the following screen by entering your debit- or credit-card information to secure and complete the registration. Once the process is complete, a confirmation will be generated as a notification of completion.


If you do not wish to complete the form online, you can always visit your local post office and obtain the physical address registration form.


Be advised that your debit or credit card will be charged 60p for the USPS identify verification and application processing price. If you complete the form online, the charge will be assessed, and you must process the payment to finalise the address registration. Otherwise, your information will not be saved or processed. Make sure you enter the numerical date just as the example is displayed below the data field. Otherwise, the date may not be processed correctly, and you may not be able to advance to the next step on the Change of Address form.

Things You'll Need

  • Official USPS Change of Address registration form
  • Debit or credit card for identification purposes
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