How to Crochet Names in a Blanket

Updated July 20, 2017

Crochet names in a blanket by creating a pattern first before you begin your project. Using the single crochet stitch makes the name easier to distinguish, and using a contrasting colour makes it stand out from the background.

Use your graph paper to represent the blanket. Mark 40 squares by 30 squares on the paper (one square on graph paper = two inches on blanket).

Sketch the name on the graph paper. With coloured pencil, fill in the squares on the graph paper to make the desired name. Leave at least one empty square between each letter and position the name on the graph paper where you want it to be on the blanket.

If you want the name to appear in thinner lines, colour in half of each square (this will equal two stitches and two rows in the name colour) on the graph paper.

If you want the name to appear in bolder lines, colour in full squares (this will equal four stitches and four rows in the name colour) on the graph paper.

When you are crocheting your blanket, you will make the appropriate number of single crochet stitches in the name colour wherever you see the coloured in areas on the graph paper.

Crochet the blanket using main colour. Chain 241 stitches. For row 1, single crochet in second chain from hook and single crochet in remaining chains to end of row. Chain one and turn. For rows 2-20, repeat row 1. This will leave room for the blanket to hang over the edge of the bed, and position the name where it can be read.

Crochet the name according to the pattern you created beginning with row 21. When the pattern shows a coloured name stitch, change colours by drawing up a loop of the new colour when you have two loops of old colour on the hook (yarn over with the new colour and pull it through to complete that stitch), then make the required number stitches in the new colour (two or four, depending on the desired line thickness determined in step 2).

Carry yarn on the wrong side of the work and switch back to the main colour the same way, by dropping the old colour and yarning over with the next colour. Keep the stitches even by maintaining the gauge throughout the blanket and by switching colours at the correct stitch, so the letters will be formed properly. If you switch colours a stitch too soon or a stitch too late, just pull out the incorrect stitch and redo it.

Finish the blanket the main colour once you have completed the coloured name stitches by repeating row 1 until you reach row 319. For row 320, single crochet to end of row and fasten off.


Adjust the size of the blanket to any length or width you desire by adding or subtracting 4 rows or stitches for every inch you want to add or subtract. These instructions place the name near the top, but you can position it where you want it to be on your blanket. Just allow for the right amount of rows for the stitches that make up the name.

Things You'll Need

  • Graph paper
  • Coloured pencil
  • 4 large Supersaver solid skeins in main colour
  • 1 skein contrasting colour
  • 1 crochet hook - size I or size needed to obtain gauge of 4 single crochet stitches and rows = 1 inch
  • Scissors
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