How to Install an FTA Bin File Patch

Updated February 21, 2017

A FTA (Free-to-Air) BIN file is a binary satellite file used to upgrade the programming information of a satellite receiver. These free satellite receivers obtain unscrambled programming from around the word. However, the BIN files that update and patch the programming information are only available via download. Once you have downloaded the files onto your computer, you must upload the information onto your satellite receiver.

Open your Internet browser and navigate to your FTA receiver's manufacturing website. The name of your satellite receiver is the product name. Typically, the website is named after the satellite receiver name (such as "FortecStar," "SkyView" or "CoolSat.") If you are still not sure, look in the user manual provided with your receiver for the exact URL for your FTA receiver.

Click the "Download" link for your receiver. A prompt window may appear, asking if you want to download the file (depending on the FTA website you are using.) Select "Yes," and the BIN files download to the computer. These are free files, so the download process is essentially the same from site to site.

Right-click the downloaded file and choose "UnZip." These files download in a compressed ZIP format and are not accepted by satellite receivers until the BIN file is extracted. Momentarily, the UnZip software loads. (This program is pre-installed on your computer, as it comes already installed on the system.)

Choose a location to save the file to and click "UnZip" a second time. You may select any location to save the file to on your hard drive. Typically, the default setting is "My Downloads," which is located in the "My Documents" folder. However, this may be different on your computer if you have adjusted your download settings.

Connect a USB flash drive to one of the USB ports on your computer. Click "Start" on your computer's desktop followed by "Computer" or "My Computer" (depending on your operating system.) Double-click the removable device icon. A window appears with all of the files currently saved on the USB drive. Remove or copy any stored files, as the flash drive can only house the FTA BIN files when uploading the data onto the receiver. Click-and-drag the files from the flash drive to any location on the computer (such as the desktop or a self-created folder) to copy the files. If you want to delete the files instead, right-click the file and press "Delete."

Click and drag the extracted BIN files into the open window, then close the open window. Right-click the removable device icon and select "Eject." Once the icon disappears from view, disconnect the USB flash drive from the computer.

Power down the FTA receiver, then plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on the receiver. Power up the device, and the hardware automatically detects the connected flash drive. The updated BIN files upload onto the receiver, and a prompt appears on the screen once the files have finished installing on the receiver.

Disconnect the flash drive from the satellite hardware once the installation process is complete.

Things You'll Need

  • Satellite receiver
  • USB flash drive
  • Satellite receiver's user manual
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