How to Upgrade ASUS L3000D RAM

Updated March 23, 2017

The ASUS L3000D laptop comes with 256 MB of random access memory (RAM) installed in it. When you find your system running sluggishly or experiencing frequent crashes, you can upgrade your RAM. The laptop has two slots to install RAM and can take up to 1 GB of memory. The process of adding RAM takes about 10 minutes.

Shut down all applications and turn off the laptop. Unplug all of the cords connected to the laptop. Unplug the laptop from its power source.

Turn over the laptop and slide the battery lock latch to unlock it from its compartment. The battery compartment is long and thin and sits on the bottom edge of the laptop. Remove the laptop battery.

Remove the two Phillips screws holding the memory compartment cover onto the laptop. The memory compartment is to the right of the small circular vent in the upper middle of the laptop.

Separate the two clips on either side of the memory module if you need to remove it from the laptop. This will release the module. Slide it out of the laptop.

Match the notch on the new memory module to the knob in the slot. Slide the new memory module into the slot at a 30-degree angle. Press down on the module so it snaps into place.

Put the cover back on the memory compartment. Fasten the screws. Plug the cords and power supply back into the laptop. Turn on the laptop.

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