How to Remodel a 1950s Bathroom

Updated July 20, 2017

There is nothing quite so wonderful as a vintage-style bathroom space to bring back memories or to enhance the overall retro style of your home. Bathrooms from the 1950s are especially beautiful rooms to decorate and are hallmarked by their use of pastel colours, chrome furniture, retro wallpaper patterns and fun, vintage accessories. Creating a mid-century modern bathroom is simple with a few decorating ideas and knowledge of this era for a bathroom that reflects 1950s charm and style.

Hang 1950s wallpaper on the wall. Bathroom decor in the 1950s used design elements, such as wallpaper patterns in geometric shapes, sailboats and seashells, as a way to adorn wall areas. Incorporate this type of wallpaper into your retro space for a room with mid-century modern appeal.

Use linoleum as a flooring material. To further your 1950s bathroom design, choose vintage-inspired linoleum patterns as an appropriate floor covering. These types of floors are 1950s popular deisgn, so their use is a perfect choice for a vintage bathroom floor.

Think pink. Retro 1950s bathrooms use pink as a major decorating colour in fixtures, such as tubs, sinks and wall tiles. Choose pink as a vintage design element in your bathroom and pair it with complementary black tile accents for a room that has maximum 1950s style.

Choose a large, pastel coloured vanity. Incorporate a wonderful 1950s-inspired vanity by painting it a pastel shade of pink, seafoam green, or light blue. Add retro coloured plastic or Lucite hardware and finish off the decor with a laminate countertop for a 1950s vintage flair.

Add chrome furniture. Chrome legs on a vanity, accessory tables and a chrome stool with vinyl seat are all ways to enhance your 1950s bathroom design. Select chrome accessories for an authentic mid-century modern look and feel to your space.

Accessorise with pastel-coloured towels and shower curtain. Thick, fluffy towels in pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow, and green are beautiful to display on towel racks, shelves and tables in your 1950s bathroom. Complete the look with a gorgeous shower curtain in a matching pastel shade to your tub area for a finished feeling to your room.

Display vintage 1950s bath items. Accents, such as old powder cans, shaving accessories, vintage perfume bottles, retro plant containers and antique purses or hats are a wonderful way to create a true 1950s-style design to your bathroom and serve as an extraordinary final touch to your space.


Keep the overall colour scheme of the bathroom simple. Bring in pattern in terms of the addition of retro wallpaper and draperies while keeping the flooring, countertops, towels and shower curtains in a solid colour for a feeling of spaciousness and relaxation.

Things You'll Need

  • Vintage 1950s wallpaper
  • Linoleum flooring
  • Pink tub, sink and toilet
  • Pastel-coloured vanity
  • Lucite or plastic hardware
  • Laminate vanity countertop
  • Chrome furniture
  • Pastel-coloured towels and shower curtain
  • Vintage 1950s bath items.
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