How to Clean Bosch Washing Machines

Updated February 21, 2017

Bosch provides a line of innovative, high-end appliances that meet and exceed federal standards for energy efficiency. Bosch washing machines offer multiple features, including water saving technology and quiet operation. All washing machines build up detergents with long term use, so clean your Bosch washing machine regularly to maintain its performance.

Open the detergent dispenser drawer and press the latch down to release the door catch. Remove the drawer.

Lift out the liquid detergent dispenser and rinse it in warm water to remove any soap residue.

Dry the dispenser with a cleaning cloth and put it back into place.

Dampen a cleaning cloth with hot water and spray the appliance lightly with all-purpose cleaner.

Wipe the control panel and all sides of the washing machine with the damp cloth.

Rinse the cleaning cloth and wipe the appliance to remove any cleaner residue.

Dry the washing machine with a clean, dry cloth.

Turn off the washing machine and remove any laundry.

Dampen a cleaning cloth with warm water and lightly mist the drum with all-purpose cleaning spray.

Wipe the inside of the washing machine with the damp cloth. Wipe the door gasket with the cloth.

Dry the drum and gasket with a clean, dry cloth. Leave the door open to allow the interior to fully dry for one hour.

Things You'll Need

  • Ceaning cloths
  • All-purpose cleaning spray
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