How to Open a 1100 Fire Safe Without the Key

Updated February 16, 2017

The Sentry Safe 1100 fire chest provides owners with a place to store collectibles, valuable items, documents and cash while offering protection from theft. The fire chest is built to withstand the heat from flames up to temperatures of 843 degrees Celsius. The chest can be opened with a key, but keys can be lost. Ordering a replacement key from Sentry Safe costs £7, but you may be able to open your fire chest by picking the lock with two paper clips.

Bend one of the paper clip's ends, forming it into an "L" shape. This paper clip is referred to as the tension wrench.

Make a lock pick by unbending the other paper clip completely. Ensure that it is perfectly straight.

Line the tension wrench up with the chest's keyhole, then slide it into the bottom of the hole.

Put the pick into the top of the chest's keyhole. As you do this, the pick slides against the pins in the lock.

Pull the pick out of the keyhole, tilting it slightly upward as you do so. At the same time, use the tension wrench as you would use the chest's key. Turn the tension wrench to the right while pressing it into the lock.

Repeat the process of pulling out the pick while turning the tension wrench until the chest's lock opens. This may take several attempts.

Things You'll Need

  • Two paper clips
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