How to Convert WMA Files to DSS

Updated April 17, 2017

As technology has evolved, people have authored new kinds of file formats, with audio files not being any exception. You might expect that people have authored new media players to play these formats--and you'd be correct. To illustrate, Windows Media Player is known for playing WMA files. However, if you need to use a WMA file for speech purposes, you may need to first convert it to DSS.

Visit the Media-Convert website (see Resources). Locate the "Input" category and click "Browse" beside it. Point to your WMA file and highlight it. Click "OK."

Locate the "Output" category. It may have defaulted to MP3. Change this to "DSS."

Click "Convert" toward the bottom of the page. Expect to wait five or 10 minutes for the file to complete, depending on how busy the server is.

Click to download the file when the website gives you a link to your file.

Visit the Media Converter website (see Resources). Though primarily a website for converting videos, it is still possible to convert music files here. Click the icon that requests you to "Upload a File" and point to your WMA file. Click "OK."

Choose "DSS" when prompted for an output type.

Click "Convert." Allow five minutes for the process to complete. Download when prompted.

Download and install Free Audio Converter (see Resources).

Launch the program by clicking "Start," "All Programs" and "Free Audio Converter."

Click "Browse" toward the top of the screen. Locate your WMA file. Click "OK."

Click "Browse" toward the bottom of the screen. Choose the folder in which you want your converted file to be stored. Click "OK."

Locate the "Formats" category. Choose "DSS."

Click "Convert." Allow five minutes for the file to convert.

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