How to paint giraffe prints

Updated July 05, 2018

A giraffe print is a cute way to decorate a variety of things, from walls to fabric. Instead of buying premade giraffe print products, like wallpaper or fabric, you can easily paint giraffe prints at home to save some money and make your own handiwork. If you want to paint a giraffe print, grab a couple of paints and brushes and learn how to do so on your own.

Paint the entire area you intend your giraffe print for a light tan colour. If you are painting a large area, like a dresser or large canvas, it may be easier to use spray paint—just make sure the paint is acrylic latex. Allow a few hours to dry.

Trace on the spots that are characteristic of giraffe print using a pencil. Spots should be about 1 inch apart, so you can see the underlying light tan and varying shapes and sizes. Avoid perfect circles or squares. Think of how the pieces would look if you dropped a plate flat on the floor; the pieces would come apart in different shapes but would still be relatively close together.

Paint your spots with a dark brown acrylic paint and a small brush. A smaller brush is best to ensure you don’t go over the pencil lines that you’ve drawn. Allow paint to dry, then paint on one more layer to ensure that the tan cannot be seen behind the brown. Allow to dry.


To add a glossy shine and preserve your painted print, spray the area you painted with a layer of shellac sealant spray. If you are painting fabric, use fabric paint on fabric that is stretched out and secured on both sides. Play around with print colours for a funky look. For example, instead of the traditional dark brown and tan of giraffe print, you could do pink and black or other fun colours. It may help to print out a photo of a giraffe to use as a reference point when painting and drawing spots.

Things You'll Need

  • Light tan acrylic latex paint
  • Large paintbrush
  • Small paintbrush
  • Dark brown paint
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