How to Convert MSV Files to WMA or MP3 Files

Written by matthew fortuna | 13/05/2017
How to Convert MSV Files to WMA or MP3 Files
WMA and MP3 files are compatible with most CD players. (casque audio image by Bruno Bernier from

Although MP3 and WMA files are among the most compatible on any computing system, MSV files are far less accessible. MSV files are not common with media players and compact discs, but can easily be converted to the similar Windows Media Audio (WMA) format or the MP3 file extension. You can perform online conversion on free websites, such as Zamzar, which allows you to do as many conversions as you want.

Navigate to a file uploading website online, such as, Free File Converter or Media Converter (see References).

Click "Browse" on the home page of the website and click your MSV file in the pop-up window. Click "Open."

Select "WMA" or "MP3" in the "Convert To" option and enter your e-mail address. If there is no space to enter an e-mail address, continue to step 4.

Click "Convert" and the converted file will be sent to your e-mail address as an attachment or available on the next page after you are redirected.

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