How to Build a Model Glider

Updated February 21, 2017

Building a model glider is not a very difficult task. Make a model glider out of balsa wood, because it is easy to work with and lightweight. With balsa you can build a sturdy model glider that isn’t too heavy and will therefore glide easily through the air.

Draw two rectangles on a 8-by-6-by-¼-inch sheet of balsa wood, each 6 inches by 2 inches.

Draw a tail wing shape on one end of one of the rectangles and a cockpit on the other end of the same rectangle. This rectangle will be the fuselage.

Cut out the fuselage from the balsa wood using a sharp precision knife.

Draw a 6-inch-by-¼-inch rectangle at the centre of the fuselage and cut that shape out with the precision knife. This will be the slot for the wings of the model glider.

Cut out the second rectangle from the balsa wood using the precision knife. This will be the wing piece for your model glider.

Slide the wing piece through the slot on the fuselage and apply multipurpose glue into the slot to attach the wing to the fuselage.


Be careful when handling the precision knife, as it is very sharp.

Things You'll Need

  • 8-by-6-by-¼-inch balsa wood sheet
  • Precision knife
  • Multipurpose glue
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