Step-by-Step Directions to Grooming a Miniature Toy Poodle

Updated April 17, 2017

Besides daily feeding, watering and health monitoring, all dogs need periodic grooming to keep them in good health and good shape. Depending on the size of your dog, at home grooming can be a reasonable task. Miniature Toy Poodles are typically good-natured dogs and can be cooperative with the grooming process.

Grooming Preparation

The Miniature Toy Poodle breed is highly intelligent, social and cheerful in nature. When dealing with your dog, make sure to assert the alpha dog presence to ensure your dog obeys and reacts to you cooperatively. This will help in the grooming process. Lay all your instruments out nearby a large towel that you will groom your dog over to collect falling hair. Alternatively, you can choose to groom your dog in the bathtub or shower and collect the trimmed hair from that area. Speak to your Miniature Toy Poodle in a soft, calm way and use a gentle touch to avoid instigating agitation or alarm from your poodle. Do not force your poodle aggressively, as this may aggravate your Miniature Toy Poodle's temperament. Settle your poodle upright and standing on all fours with a firm but friendly grip around the torso or neck. You may ask a friend to stabilise your dog while you groom as well, as long as the dog is comfortable with this person.

Grooming Procedures

The Miniature Toy Poodle is prone to skin allergies so be sensitive of using only dog-specific products on your poodle. A show-dog poodle needs extensive grooming. You will need to bathe your Miniature poodle and trim its nails every six to eight weeks using poodle-friendly shampoo and a dog nail clipper. Ears need to be checked consistently for ticks, mites or infections and extraneous hair can be trimmed back with a small hand-held scissor. Your Miniature Toy Poodle's teeth will need regular scaling. Dental health is important for promoting overall health in your poodle. Miniature Toy Poodle's have higher incidences of gum problems so make sure to consult with your vet about the correct toothpastes for your poodle. If you start massaging the gums of your poodle early on, he will be more accepting of allowing you to enter his mouth. This type of dog does not shed so its hair will need to be clipped using a poodle clip. You may choose a pet clip, puppy clip or lamb clip to shortly cut the hair all over the body. For show purposes, the English saddle and Continental clip, where the rear is shaved, pom-poms are left on the tail and hip and rings are made around the ankles, are popular.


Give your pet constant reassurance during and after the grooming process to keep your pet happy and healthy during the procedure. Clean up the grooming area by shaking out the towel outside or over a dustbin to dispose of hair, trimmed nails and other debris. If you have groomed in a tub, use a handheld broom and pan set to sweep up articles and then run the shower or tub to rinse out the basin.

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