Instructions on Making Crepe Paper Poppies

Updated July 19, 2017

Crepe paper poppies can be a wonderful adornment for craft projects, gifts or wedding cakes. They hold two advantages over real poppies: they bloom for a long time, and you can use any colour you like. Crepe paper is a particularly good material to use for imitating flowers because it is both strong and flexible. It naturally holds the shape of delicate poppy petals.

Make the centre of the poppies. Take a small ball of cotton wool or wadding and glue it to the end of a floral stem wire. Choose long, stiff, green wire if you want to stand the flowers in a vase, or light, narrow wire to create table decorations or similar. Cut the wire with wire cutters if they are too long for the length of your stems.

Now cut a long strip of black crepe paper about 1/2 inch wide. Wrap the black strip around the cotton ball until the ball is completed covered in black. Glue to secure; try to add glue near the base of the ball. Repeat this step for as many poppies as you wish to make.

Now make the stamens from a black fringe glued around the centre. Cut another long strip of black crepe paper, 3 inches by 12 inches. Fold down the middle lengthwise, then fold twice across the opposite direction. Use your scissors to cut a fine fringe along one folded edge, a little less than a 1/2 inch deep.

Take the folded fringe and wrap it around the wire and poppy centre, so that the fringes face upwards and resemble stamens. Secure tightly with floral tape.

Cut out four petals per poppy. Cut a strip from your coloured crepe paper 5 inches wide. From this strip, cut 6-inch pieces, so that each piece measures 5 by 6 inches. Carefully cut off the corners from one of the longer sides of each piece, to give the petals a rounded edge.

Bunch the base of the petals and secure them to the wire around the centre and stamens. Secure them in place discreetly using wire or floral tape. Frill the petals slightly by pulling gently across the curved top sides. Curve the petals using your fingers so that they look realistic.


Be inventive with your colours; paper poppies can come in any colour you like! For an everlasting floral display, arrange the poppies on long wires in an attractive vase. Make giant poppies for a large floor-standing vase. Make small poppies on short wires to adorn a wedding cake or celebration table setting.

Things You'll Need

  • Black and colourful crepe paper sheets (standard 20-inch folds)
  • Cotton wool or wadding
  • Green floral stem wires, pre-cut or spooled
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Floral tape
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