How to Insert a Word Document Into an Adobe Acrobat Document

Updated February 21, 2017

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files are essential for creating secure documents that restrict editing of the file. If you have a PDF document, and would like to insert a Word document into it, it may not be possible if you didn't create the PDF and the creator made it a restricted document. If the PDF was saved as an unrestricted document, or if you have editing capabilities and the password to a restricted document, you can insert the Word document.

Launch Microsoft Word.

Open the file that you would like to insert into the PDF.

Pull down the "Edit" menu and click on "Select All" to highlight the entire document. (Keyboard shortcut: Put your cursor in the document, hold down "Control" and type "A").

Pull down the "Edit" menu and click on "Copy" to copy the entire document. (Keyboard shortcut: "Control/C")

Launch Adobe Acrobat.

Open the PDF file and enter the access password.

Place your cursor where you would like to insert the Word document.

Pull down the "Edit" menu and click on "Paste" to insert the entire Word document. (Keyboard shortcut: "Control/V")


If you would like to convert your PDF file into another file format, such as a Word document, a PowerPoint document or an HTML document, free converter software such as Able2Extract PDF Converter or DeskPDF Converter can be downloaded online. PDF files that are converted to a Word document can be edited in Word and the resaved as a new PDF.

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