How to make your own coat of arms

Written by quinten plummer | 13/05/2017
How to make your own coat of arms
Create your own coat of arms for free online. (coat of arms grunge background - illustration image by Vania from

Celebrate your family's history or create a unifying symbol for members of a team with a custom coat of arms. In the Dark Ages, coats of arms were used as identifying markers for soldiers at war. While their real world application has diminished significantly, coats of arms have now evolved into kind of a novelty, and impressive coats of arms can be created by just about anyone with the help of some free utilities.

Use's online utility to design your own coat of arms. features 15 different shield templates to use as a base for your coat of arms, along with 10 text fonts. You can add a name, motto, family values and symbols to your coat of arms. When you're satisfied with your coat of arms, you can print it, save it to your computer or order merchandise with your design printed on it.

Create your own coat of arms on Mytribe101's website. Mytribe101's utility lets you select from categorised coat of arms features on a simple one-page format. You can choose a primary and secondary colour, shield pattern, custom text and symbols to create your coat of arms. After you're done, you can save your coat of arms as an image file or order cards, mugs or coasters with your coat of arms printed on them.

Use V&A's online coat of arms creation utility to make your family symbol. The Flash-based online utility lets you design a coat of arms by compiling elements of your shield in a step-based wizard. V&A's utility allows you to print or e-mail your coat of arms after you're finished working on your design. However, the utility doesn't allow you to enter custom text.

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