How to Remove VW Door Panel Trim

Updated July 20, 2017

Inside a car's door are the electrical or mechanical connections for the windows and locks. Often there are speakers, duct work and other hardware. The only way that you can access any of these components, if you should need to, is to remove the door panel. To do this, you'll first remove the door panel trim. You will also need to remove the door panel trim if you are going to customise the interior of your VW with one of the many different interior body kits that Volkswagen offers. Depending on model, VW door panels come off in a variety of way, but generally speaking the door trim is secured by screws along the outer edge and plastic pins behind the door trim.

Open the door that you will be removing the door trim from. Locate the securing bolts or screws that are around the edge.

Remove the bolts or screws from around the edge of the door frame using the ratchet set or the screwdriver. Pull the door panel off the door and locate the securing screws or pins that secure the trim to the door panel.

Remove the screws from the trim and pull the trim off the door panel. Squeeze the small edges on the end of each pin, then push the pin outward to remove the trim.

Things You'll Need

  • Ratchet set
  • Screwdriver
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