How to Sharpen a Paper-Cutter Blade With a Scissor Sharpener

Updated February 21, 2017

Manual guillotine-style paper cutters wear out over time, especially when the blade is used for cutting plastic or laminated sheets, or cutting through staples. Cutting thick objects such as foam or mat board can cause further damage if your cutter isn't intended for use with these materials. Dull blades are inefficient, and leave ragged, torn edges on paper. You can keep your blade in good condition by using a rotary sharpener made for scissor and knife blades.

Close the paper-cutter blade and remove the bolts on the hinge to detach the blade from the cutting board.

Place the blade sharp-side-up in a vice. Turn the vice until it has a firm grip on the blade. This will prevent the blade from moving during the sharpening process.

Hold a scissor sharpener in your hand. If the tool has a finger guard, place your fingers inside the guard.

Place the tool's sharpening blade over the paper-cutter blade.

Stroke the length of the blade five to 10 times with the sharpener, applying light pressure.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench
  • Vice
  • Hand-held scissor sharpener or all-purpose blade sharpener
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