How to Adjust a Fossil Watch Band

Updated April 17, 2017

Fossil began in 1984 as an apparel company focused on new trends and worldwide expansion. Fossil watches and accessories are available in many of the largest chain stores in the United States. Adjusting the watch band requires some special instructions and tools, but is not difficult. The process is similar for both pin- and screw-based bands.

Place your watch face down on the soft cloth. This will help prevent any scratching of the face.

Locate the removable watch links. If the band is pin-based, it will have small visible pins on the links closest to the buckle, with a small arrow engraved on the underside. Screw-based links will contain small screw heads on the links closest to the buckle.

Use the small driving tool to push the pin out of the link in the direction indicated by the engraved arrow to remove links in pin-based bands. If the link is screw-based, use the small screwdriver to remove the screw from the link. In some watches, you may need to hold the other side of the pin or screw, or manually pull it from the link.

Continue removing pins or screws to remove the required links. Be sure to remove links from both sides of the watch buckle to keep the watch balanced.

Rejoin the band together by reversing the pin or screw removal process while holding the remaining band up to the buckle of the watch. Be sure to insert pins in the direction opposite of the engraved arrow, to avoid damaging the pin.


Your local jeweller or Fossil dealer can adjust the watch for a small fee (or sometimes for free).


Always be cautious when using metal tools near your watch, as they can easily scratch or dent the watch.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth
  • Small driving tool (thumbtack, glasses screwdriver, etc.)
  • Small screwdriver
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