How to Connect a Laptop to an HDMI TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Watching content from your laptop on your TV screen is possible if your TV and your laptop are HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) ready. With an HDMI cable connecting your laptop and TV, not only will you be able to use your TV as your laptop’s screen, but you will be able to view content from your laptop on your TV screen in high definition.

Shut down both your laptop and HDTV. This process will help reformat the existing setting between the two devices that may obstruct their connection.

Attach the HDMI cable to your laptop’s output port. Make sure the cable is firmly and securely attached to your laptop, and be cautious not to bend or break any of the adaptor’s connector pins.

Hook up the end part of the HDMI cable adaptor to the input port of the TV. Make certain that you have securely but gently attached the two devices together.

Turn on the TV set and allow it to power up. This process will allow the laptop to identify and be familiarised with the signal sent by the HDTV.

Start the laptop and let it boot up completely. Shift from laptop monitor to HDTV screen by using the function keys on your laptop’s keyboard. Normally this is done by holding down the key marked “Fn” and the function key "F4" at the same time. This will let you view your laptop’s desktop features right on your HDTV screen.

Turn the power off of both your laptop and HDTV.

Attach the cable of the HDMI adaptor through the output port of your laptop. Make sure the connection is secure.

Hook up the end cable of the HDMI adaptor to the input port of the TV set. Make sure that the link between the adaptor and the TV set is properly and securely attached. Avoid bending the connector pins in the adaptor.

Turn on the power of your HDTV first. This process will let your Mac easily identify the connection it made with your HDTV.

Start up your laptop and allow it to boot up completely. When your laptop detects that it is connected with the HDTV through the HDMI adaptor, it will adjust itself with a new setting. Wait for several minutes to be able to view your Mac’s desktop features directly from your HDTV screen. It may take from two to five minutes, depending on your operating system.


There are varieties of built-in video adaptor ports that are available for different kinds of laptops. It is best to verify first what kind of port your computer will need before buying any HDMI adaptor.

Things You'll Need

  • HDMI cable
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