How to Become a Sony Authorized Reseller

Updated April 17, 2017

The Sony Corporation, headquartered in Japan, is a global manufacturer of electronics, audio and video equipment, communications and information technology for both the consumer and business-to-business markets. Sony holds a large stake in the entertainment industry including motion picture, television, computer entertainment, music and online businesses. Becoming an authorised Sony retailer offers business owners the opportunity to tap into a well-known and respected brand in quality, reliability and innovation. Becoming a Sony Authorized Reseller involves a thorough process for consideration. Candidates submit an application online, wait for a representative to make contact, submit to a site visit and then wait for final approval.

Submit an application online to become a Sony Authorized Reseller. Sony recommends to read the application thoroughly and to take your time answering its questions. Applicants failing to provide accurate details or neglecting to answer questions will find the application denied. An application must meet the required criteria set forth by Sony (this information is proprietary and not released to the public) in order for a representative to contact the applicant (see Resources).

Speak with the representative from Sony who will contact the person listed on the application as the main representative of the applying retailer. The representative will arrange a site inspection during the initial contact.

Submit to the site inspection as agreed with the representative on the date and at the time specified. Prepare the site as specified by the representative and present any other materials or documents the representative requests be on hand.

Agree to all conditions set forth by Sony once the application reaches final approval, which may take a while, following the site inspection. Sony usually constructs agreements with retailers on an individual basis, based on the location, segments, sites and markets the retailer serves.


Patience is crucial in seeking to become a Sony Authorized Reseller. Sony receives multiple inquires on a daily basis and each application is given a thorough examination. The process takes time for application approval.


All retailers seeking to become an authorised retailer for Sony should enlist the assistance of an attorney to review all documents before signing any final agreements. A qualified attorney can assist retailers with any part of the agreement that remains open for questioning and interpreting all legal consequences of the final agreement.

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