How to write your best friend a birthday card

Updated July 20, 2017

Friends are worth their weight in gold. They support you through thick and thin, rejoice when you're happy and offer a shoulder to cry on when you're not. How fitting then to write a personal birthday message to show how much you appreciate them. The right words, though, can be slow in coming, and it's tempting to buy a card with a canned message. But friendship isn't like a generic birthday card, so take a few extra minutes to write a heartfelt birthday message.

Choose a card that goes with the message you want to send. If you plan to thank a friend for years of friendship, find something sentimental. A more playful message deserves a more playful card.

Decide on the message's tone. Will it be funny, thankful, sentimental or something in between? Consider how long you've known this friend, how close you are and whether the friend will read the card out loud to others.

Begin with a greeting, whether it's your friend's given name or a nickname. Be sure to write legibly.

Express your feelings. Share a memory, thank the friend, joke about age or mention an inside joke.

Wish your friend a happy birthday. Write it in large print, wish your friend many happy returns or come up with some original birthday greeting.

Sign the card. Use your name or nickname, whichever the friend knows you by best. If appropriate, end with "Forever yours," "Love" or some other closing.

Things You'll Need

  • Birthday card
  • Pen
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