Choosing a wall colour to go with a red leather sofa

Updated March 23, 2017

A red leather sofa can add a modern or traditional look to your decor, depending on the style and colour. With such a bold piece of furniture, it's best to plan the rest of the room so that it complements the sofa, not competes with it. Which colour you choose for the wall, floor and accents should be based on the hue of the sofa. A warm red will work best with other warm colours and a cool red will need cool colours to make it stand out.

Consider the flooring. If you already have carpet or hardwood floors and don't plan on replacing them, you should purchase a red sofa that works with the existing tones. A warm wood floor will work best with a warm red sofa. Warm reds have an orange or yellow hue to them while cool reds have a blue or violet undertone.

Use a colour wheel. You can buy a colour wheel at any art shop. The most complementary colours are the colours to the right and left and directly across from the colour you choose. In the case of red, this would be red-orange, red-violet and green.

Gather paint samples. Many paints are divided by warm and cool, so you can select the ones that will best match the sofa.

Try blues and greens for cool reds. Bright primary colours and tones will best highlight a cool red sofa. Try aquamarine, pine green or teal. A royal blue or deep purple will also offset the red colour.

Try yellow tones for a warm red sofa. If your red sofa has orange or yellow tones, you might select from a variety of warm orange or yellow paints. You can also look at blues and greens that have a warm or yellow undertone. Yellow-green, moss or taupe paints will work too.

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