How to Set Up Behringer Mixer in Virtual DJ

Updated July 20, 2017

Setting up a Behringer mixer in Virtual DJ software can be done by using your computer sound card. In order to use the Behringer mixer properly, you must have the proper cables. You must use 2 red and white RCA "Y Splitter" cables and a RCA "Y Splitter" headphone jack. Virtual DJ software enables you to pair your Behringer mixer with its audio interface by connecting the mixer line channel output to the sound card input.

Plug the "Y Splitter" cables into the "LN 1" and "LN 2" slots of the mixer according to the colour code. Connect the "Y Splitter" headphone jack cable to both of the line cables following the colour code. Plug the headphone jack from the "Y Splitter" into the microphone port on your computer sound card.

Turn the mixer on, if you hear hissing or noise, make sure the audio connections are secure and the stereo cables are in the right slots by colour.

Move the slider or volume knob on all tracks to "0" if you are using an eight to 16 track mixer so you don't get unwanted feedback.

Open the software and click the "Config" button, which is located at the top of the screen. Select the "Sound Setup" tab from the menu list. Click on the "Outputs" tab and select "External Mixer" from the drop down menu.

Click the "Sound Card(s)" tab and select "Mono Separate" from the drop down menu.

Click the "Output Channels" section and select "Left deck Left chan/Right deck Right chan" from the drop down menu then press "OK."


Hook mixer directly to computer by plugging "Y Splitter" into "Tape Out" port of mixing board and headphone jack into microphone input on computer sound card.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 RCA "Y Splitter" cables
  • RCA "Y Splitter" headphone jack cable
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