How to Create a Log Book

Updated March 23, 2017

A log book is a kind of diary or journal that people use to keep track of a daily process. Athletes use log books to record their workouts. Dieters use it to keep track of their nutritional values and meals. Children at camp use it to log their daily activities and keep track of scheduled events. No matter what you need to keep track of with a log book, you can create one yourself. All you need is a word processing program on your computer, and a printer.

Open your word processing program. You can use Microsoft Word, Works or WordPerfect. Start off with a blank document.

Type in your name, the date, and a title for the log book on the cover page. Add a picture or border if desired to give your cover page a more visually-appeasing design. The text of the cover page can go in the top centre position of the page or in the bottom left-hand side of the page.

Type in the purpose of the log book on the next page. For example, you can type "This log book contains daily workout schedules" if that is what it will be used for. Add the participation dates on this page also. If the log book is meant to keep track of group activities, list all of the participants.

Type in "Date:" and then add a line as a placeholder for where you can write in the date at a later time. A quick way to do this is to turn on your "Underline" feature in your word processing program and then press the "Tab" key on your computer. Hit "Enter" a couple of times to move the pointer down a few lines on the screen. Add labels for the type of information you will be logging, along with blank lines as placeholders. Type in the label text, and then use the "Tab" key with the "Underline" feature turned on to add more blank lines. Keep pressing the "Tab" key to make the line as long as you need it. You can also make multi-line blank lines. These lines will show you where to write in the daily values in your log book.

Print out your log book. Print one page for the cover page and the second page. Print out several copies of the page with the lines. You will need multiple copies of that page to log in the information from day to day. If you only want to keep track of 10 days, then print out 10 copies of that page.

Put holes in the printed pages with a three-hole punch. Place the pages in the binder to hold them together. You can also staple the pages together, but it will be neater and easier to manage in a binder.

Things You'll Need

  • Word processing program (like Microsoft Word)
  • Printer
  • Three-hole puncher
  • Binder
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