How to Learn Glass Engraving

Updated February 21, 2017

Glass engraving, also known as glass etching, refers to the art of creating drawings on glass materials. Glass engravings often have a delicate, sophisticated look. If you want to learn glass engraving yourself, you have several options. From free resources to paid classes, choose which work best for you and enjoy learning a new form of art.

View online tutorial videos and articles for an idea of how to engrave glass. This allows you to see the process in action for free and decide if you want to spend your money on better tutorials and supplies. You must decide whether glass engraving is the right hobby for you.

Check the public library for glass engraving books. Check out any that you find helpful and make copies of the instructional pages, or take notes for use later on. Write down the names of any books you find extremely helpful, and, if you take up glass engraving, purchase a copy for your own use.

Visit the craft section of a bookstore, or go to a craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Both bookstores and craft stores will carry books covering different hobbies, and many are aimed at beginners. The glass engraving books should be located near the glass engraving supplies, but if you can't find them, ask a sales associate for help.

Purchase a beginners glass engraving kit. Read the label and make sure it has everything you need to get started, including an instruction booklet. If you need to buy some of the items yourself, it will list what items you should purchase separately. With this beginner kit you can learn the basics of glass engraving from the book, and you'll get all the basic supplies at a cheaper cost than buying each piece on its own.

Check for glass engraving classes in your area. If a friend or neighbour does glass engraving, ask for a lesson. Craft stores may occasionally hold classes as well, so check on their website or ask in person about their upcoming craft class schedule.


Glass engraving pattern books are also available for sale at stores and online. Try one out if you need inspiration or ideas for your patterns.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass engraving book
  • Engraving kit
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