How to Make Pirate Boot Covers

Updated April 17, 2017

Boot covers are a valuable tool for making a good-looking pirate costume. Few items of modern footwear look like pirate boots, and costume boots are often prohibitively expensive. Leather boot covers, though, are inexpensive to make and can make a pair of modern leather boots look like pirate boots in no time.

Put on your boots. Use a tape measure to measure all the way around your ankle and all the way around your calf an inch or two below your knee, as well as the distance from your ankle to this point on your calf.

Draw a large trapezoid on the rough side of your leather with a marker and yardstick. To do this, draw a horizontal line of length equal to your ankle measurement plus one half inch. Mark this line "bottom." Find the centre of this line, then draw a line perpendicular to it from the centre equal to the distance between your ankle and calf measurements. Draw a third line, centred on this line and parallel to the first, of length equal to your calf measurement plus one half inch. Mark this line "top," then connect the free ends of the top and bottom lines.

Cut the trapezoid out of your leather, then place it over another section of leather with the rough side of both up, trace the shape onto the leather with a marker and cut out the second trapezoid. These pieces will form the main body of your boot covers.

Mark and cut out two smaller leather trapezoids as before to make the boot cuffs. For these, the bottom line should be the same length as the top line on the original pieces, the top line should be about two inches longer than the bottom, and the lines should be about four inches apart.

Poke stitching holes along the top of the main pieces with an awl, about a quarter inch from the top edge. Line up the cuff pieces' bottom edges with the top edges of the main pieces so that the rough side of the main pieces is up but the smooth side of the cuffs is up, and poke matching stitching holes along the cuff pieces' bottom edges.

Lay the cuffs over the main pieces so that the stitching holes are lined up and the pieces are overlapping by about a quarter inch, rough side to rough side. Stitch the cuffs securely to the main pieces.

Poke stitching holes in one side of each cover, along both the main piece and the cuff. Gently fold the cover in half lengthwise with the rough side of the main piece out (avoid creasing it), and poke matching stitching holes in the other side.

Stitch the edges together securely. Each cover should form a teardrop-shaped tube when you are done.

Turn each cover inside-out, then fold the cuffs down over the main piece above the seam joining them to the main piece. The smooth side of both main pieces and both cuffs should be out.

Things You'll Need

  • Boots
  • Garment leather in a colour matching the boots
  • Soft tape measure
  • Marker
  • Yardstick
  • Craft knife
  • Awl
  • Leather needles and thread
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