How to Connect Creative Speakers to a TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Creative Technology manufactures a line of compact computer speakers that can also be connected to other audio devices, including a television. Creative speakers are equipped with audio cables that terminate in a 3.5mm mini-plug that fits a standard computer audio jack. The plug carries the signals for both the left and right stereo channels. TVs are typically equipped with 1/4-inch audio jacks for connecting standard stereo cables, so an audio adaptor is needed to hook up Creative Speakers. Adapters are available at stereo and electronics stores.

Connect the Creative speakers to each other by plugging the cable from the left-channel speaker into the jack labelled Output on the rear of the right-channel speaker.

Insert the plug on the end of the right-channel speaker cable into the 3.5mm jack on the Y-adaptor.

Connect the two plugs on the stereo cable from the L- and R-labelled jacks on the Y-adaptor to the left and right audio Out jacks on the TV. The red plug connects to the right jack and the other plug connects to the left.

Connect the DC power cable for the Creative speakers into the electrical socket on the back of the right speaker, then plug the power cable into an electrical socket.


Connect the audio cable and adaptor between the speakers and television before plugging the speaker power cord into an electrical socket.

Things You'll Need

  • Audio Y-adaptor with one 3.5mm jack and two 1/4-inch phono jacks
  • Standard stereo cable with 2 plugs, 1/4-inch, on each end
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