How to Make Money Recycling Car Batteries

A car or truck will go through several batteries in its lifetime. These batteries are filled with dangerous chemicals that can leak from an eroding battery shell. Many people choose to store these dead batteries in their garage or basement. What these unsuspecting vehicle owners may not realise is they may be able to earn some money from these batteries. Old, dead car batteries can be recycled for cash or store credit.

Gather old batteries from friends, family member and co-workers. Inform them that you will get rid of any car batteries they may have sitting in their garages or basements for them.

Place each of the old batteries in a plastic bucket with gloved hands. This will ensure that no battery acid leaks on you or your vehicle.

Place the buckets in the boot or back seat of your car.

Take the batteries to a metal recycling facility in your area. The workers will give you cash for each battery. The amount of cash will depend upon the size of the battery and will vary depending on the time of year. The batteries can also be taken to auto parts stores or repair shops. These institutions can refurbish old batteries and sell them for a price. They will either give you cash or store credit for an old battery that they will make new again.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic buckets
  • Rubber gloves
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