How to change my bank account number

Written by melvin richardson | 13/05/2017
How to change my bank account number
Change your bank account number if someone stole from it or you have other reasons. (blue credit card image by Roman Sigaev from

You may want to change your bank account number for a number of reasons. If you think someone fraudulently took money from your bank account then changing the number is a good idea. There is a certain process you will have to complete to change your bank account number. Once your bank account number is changed it is no longer valid and cannot be reinstated. Your bank representative can handle the process for you in 10 to 15 minutes.

Visit your bank. Tell a representative you want to change your bank account number. The representative will open a new bank account for you once you have presented proper identification. The new bank account will have a completely new account number. You will need an opening deposit of £16 to £65, depending upon the bank.

Cancel all automatic transactions from the old account. If you have direct deposit, Social Security or other money deposited into your old account these should be cancelled. Any payments to creditors for loans should be cancelled as well. Give the lending institution or company your new bank account number so that automatic payments and transfers can now go through the new bank account. Make sure all outstanding checks issued from the old account have cleared.

Close the old account. The bank representative will do this for you. You will receive paperwork for all of your transactions. Any money in the old account can be moved to the new account. Destroy your old debit or ATM cards. They will not function with the new account. The bank representative will order you another card for the new account. You can set up your four-digit PIN code to use the card at the ATM.

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