How to Fix a Time Out Error in Hotmail & Outlook

Updated July 20, 2017

Outlook is a popular personal information management application developed by Microsoft. Included as part of the Microsoft Office suite of products, Outlook is primarily used for the sending, receiving, searching and management of e-mail messages. Users who have configured the program to work with Hotmail may occasionally receive timeout error messages. These messages result from an overly-full deleted items folder on the Hotmail website.

Point your Web browser to Log in using your Hotmail username and password.

Click the "Manage Folders" link in the left-hand column of the main Hotmail screen.

Click the link labelled "Empty" on the line labelled "Deleted." Click "OK" when prompted to remove all of the email messages contained in your Deleted Items folder.

Open Outlook. The timeout error message no longer appears when the program sends and receives e-mail from your Hotmail account.

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