How to become a theatre nurse

Written by s.c. palmer | 13/05/2017
How to become a theatre nurse
Nursing is an exciting and rewarding career choice. (nurse with a syringe image by Photosani from

A career as a theatre nurse, also known as a surgical nurse, is one of the most difficult and rewarding roles in the nursing industry. The duties of this job include working with the patient and their family before and after surgery as well as assisting the surgeon during the actual operation. This is a career that requires a lot of medical skill as well as people skills and empathy. If you are interested in entering this rewarding field, there are several steps you must take in order to become qualified.

How to become a theatre nurse
Graduating from high school is a requirement of going to nursing school. (Holding hands image by paolanogueras from

Complete high school, your GED or equivalent. Since higher education is needed to become a theatre nurse, you will need to make sure you have earned your high school degree. You can help your chances of getting into a good nursing school by taking a variety of science and mathematics classes.

Enter a nursing programme. In order to become a surgical nurse you will need to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) degree. This is typically a four-year degree programme.

Pass your state's nurse certification exam. Each state has a specific exam required of nurses, so find the requirements of the certification test in your state and prepare for it accordingly. Passing this test will allow you to work as a nurse in your state.

How to become a theatre nurse
Working in an emergency room is a great way to prepare yourself for the uncertainty of the operating room. (emergency image by JASON WINTER from

Find a job as a nurse and gain work experience. Most states will not let you become a theatre nurse until you have proven yourself to be an experienced RN. Emergency room experience is helpful for teaching you how to work quickly and make split-second decisions.

How to become a theatre nurse
Becoming a theatre nurse is difficult, but it is a rewarding career to have. (operation nurse image by Andrey Rakhmatullin from

Take the Certified Nurses for the Operating Room (C.N.O.R.) exam. This is the final exam that will give you the proper certification to work as a theatre nurse.

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