How to send a free fax online in the UK

Updated February 21, 2017

All it takes to send a free fax in the UK via the Internet is an electronic version of the document you wish to send. Once you have the information you need to transmit in the correct format (pdf, doc, xls, tif, tiff, rtf, txt, html are supported), you can upload it to a free fax service, specify the fax number you wish to send to and hit the send button.

In order to send a fax online, you first need to turn the information you wish to transmit into the correct format. has a user-free platform and accepts files with pdf, doc, xls, tif, tiff, rtf, txt, html extensions. If you have a handwritten page or any other document that only exists in hardcopy form, the easiest solution is to scan it and save the scanned information as a pdf file, which you can then fax through File sizes must be no more than 25 megabytes to use the service free of charge.

Create an account with The site offers Lite, Individual and Business packages, of which Lite is free. Select Lite and proceed to create an account by entering a user name, password and your e-mail address (you will receive confirmations via e-mail).

Once you save the file in one of the supported file types and are registered with, upload the file, enter the fax number you wish to send to and hit the send button. You will receive confirmation via e-mail once the fax is successfully transmitted.

Send a simple fax directly from your browser. If you wish to fax plain text, you can send it faster via The site features a simple text box within your browser where you can type your message. You then enter your e-mail address and the recipient's fax number and hit the send button. There is no need to register or upload a file, making the service the ideal solution for those who need to send something fast.

Things You'll Need

  • pdf, doc, xls, tif, tiff, rtf, txt, html version of the file
  • recipient's fax number
  • valid e-mail address
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