How to Install TomTom Maps on Navigo

Updated February 21, 2017

TomTom Maps is a GPS tracking software used on the popular TomTom Navigo GPS device. The TomTom Maps software is a favourite among users largely due to the large database of downloadable map updates that can be applied at any time, anywhere. Roads and businesses change. TomTom Maps ensures that you make it to the destination of your choice with accuracy and ease. A route planner is also included in the maps to get you to your destination faster.

Attach your TomTom Navigo device to your computer by using a USB cable. Turn on your TomTom by pressing the "On" or "Power" button.

Navigate to the "TomTom Home" screen on your GPS device. Click "Add Maps, Traffic, Voices" and click "Maps."

Navigate to the map that you wish to install and click "Buy."

Log in to your TomTom account and enter the appropriate billing information.

Click "Update my device" from the "Home" menu of you device.

Check the box next to the map you just purchased and click "Update and Install." The map installs on your device.

Click "Device" and then click "Disconnect Device" from the "Home" menu of your device. Disconnect your GPS unit from your computer and begin using the new map.


If you are installing a new map, be sure your TomTom application is up to date so you get the latest maps. Infrastructure, roads and highways constantly change, and this means the map you downloaded a year ago may not be applicable.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • USB cable
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