How to Start a Mechanic Business

When a car stops working, it's time for it to be repaired by a professional mechanic. You may want to open a mechanic business if you enjoy repairing automobiles. The demand for mechanic shops are high because cars always need to be serviced or repaired.

Develop experience in fixing cars. For example, work for an automobile dealership in your city that has an auto repair shop. Some mechanic shops have apprentice programs to enhance your professional skills. Technical colleges and vocational schools also offer auto repair education with hands-on workshops and classes. A SBA representative can also discuss the types of insurance that will be required for mechanic shops.

Write a business plan for your mechanic business that consists of a business statement, estimated start-up costs, marketing analysis and company outlook. If you are considering loans for your business, then include a detailed accounting area of expenses and financial forecast for investors. Contact the Small Business Administration about business loans and additional funding options.

Find a location for your mechanic business. Pick a place in a high traffic area, such as a large car park or busy intersection. This will increase visibility and provide free advertising for your business.

Apply for a business license and tax numbers on the state, local and federal levels. Apply for a federal employer identification number if you will have employees working for you. Contact the zoning department to make sure your commercial location complies with local laws. Register you business as a legal entity. Apply for a wholesaler license to buy auto equipment and products. Decide if you will work alone or have employees. Set up a wage amount for workers and apply for business insurance.

Establish connections with auto part distributors and manufacturers. Develop relationships with them to receive discounts on purchases. Look for reasonable priced merchandise, so that you can pass the savings on to your customers. Purchase equipment you will need to complete large and complex tasks. For example, starting equipment for a mechanic shop usually includes a voltmeter, air pumps, diagnostic scanner, jack, tools and more. A mechanic shop also needs pits or hydraulic lifts.

Market your new mechanic shop. Establish a niche for your shop. For example, offer extended hours or offer specialised repairs on certain vehicles. Advertise in the newspaper and on the radio. Design a personalised website complete with business information. Post flyers at grocery stores and other public places.

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