How to Check the Warranty on a Samsung HDD

Written by kenneth w. michael wills | 13/05/2017
How to Check the Warranty on a Samsung HDD
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If you need to check the warranty for your Samsung HDD (Hard Disk Drive) your may do so online. In order to have a warranty, you must have purchased your HDD from an authorised Samsung dealer or reseller. The length of your warranty of course will vary by product and the region where you purchased the product. Conducting a warranty check online will provide you with detailed information about your warranty such as the validity and length of your warranty, the date your warranty runs out and what it covers.

Visit the Samsung Warranty Checker website and select either "end user" or "RMA ID." RMA ID is an Return Material Identification Number. If you have spoken with a representative and received an authorisation to return your HDD, the representative will assign you an RMA ID. You may use this ID when checking your warranty. If you purchased your product in India, Thailand, Brazil, or Russia, you will need to click on the respective country link an conduct your warranty check on that site.

Type the serial number of your HDD in the box that loads on your screen. You may only enter up to five serial numbers at a time when conducting your check. You can locate the serial number by looking at your hard drive. You will find that number labelled as "Serial Number" with the number printed on a sticker affixed to the hard drive.

Select your country in the drop-down menu. Click the "Submit" button to run your warranty check.

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