How to grow live sphagnum moss indoors

Updated February 21, 2017

Sphagnum moss, from the Sphagnaceae family, grows in boggy areas where it gets plenty of sun and moisture. This moss grows in large clumps and puts out runners to spread quickly. The small stalks and leaves may be green, red, pink and even brown, and form a thick mat that can sit on soil or float on water. Although sphagnum moss needs sun and air, it can grow indoors with some help.

Purchase a section of sphagnum moss from a nursery or garden centre. Cut this section of moss into smaller sections of one-quarter to one inch in width and length. Prepare a tray for the moss. Growing trays should be wide and shallow. Fill the tray with a one-inch layer of peat moss.

Place one section of moss on one one-foot by one-foot section of peat. Sphagnum moss puts out runners to self propagate and will quickly cover the entire section of peat. Put a one-quarter-inch layer of dried grass or leaves over the moss to maintain its moisture level while it grows. Put the trays in a sunny location in the house.

Water the moss tray every two weeks or if you notice it drying out. Give the moss only one-quarter inch of water at a time, as it won't respond well to being flooded from above. Keep the moss in sunny areas, with temperatures of 10.0 to 21.1 degrees C.


Dried sphagnum moss is extremely flammable. Never let moss dry to the point that it could catch fire in your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Sphagnum moss culture
  • Peat moss
  • Scissors
  • Growing tray
  • Water
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