How to Refill a Parker Fountain Pen

George S. Parker, the founder of the Parker Pen Company, filed his first patent in 1889. Parker pens dominated the fountain pen market before the ballpoint pen was developed in the 1960s. In 1931, Parker developed and patented "Quink" quick drying ink. This innovation lead to over £260 million Parker pen sales over a 30-year period. Today there is a worldwide group of avid Parker fountain pen collectors willing to pay top dollar for Parker collectibles, particularly the famous "Parker 51."

Choose your ink from seven colours. These inks come in cartridge form, or you can load your pen directly from the bottle.

Undo the barrel of the pen by grasping the nib section and twisting the barrel counterclockwise.

Remove the old cartridge and push the replacement in until you feel it click into place.

Refill the ink reservoir by first dipping the nib into the ink bottle. Depending on the model, fill the reservoir by either turning the converter several times in a clockwise direction, or by pulling the plunger.

Replace the barrel. Wipe the nib with a piece of tissue or a lint -free cloth. Test the pen by writing a few lines.


Parker ink cartridges have an small emergency reservoir that can be released by tapping the side of the cartridge.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement ink cartridge
  • Bottle of ink
  • Tissue or lint-free cloth
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