Instructions for Brita Water Filters for Faucets

Updated February 21, 2017

No matter where you live there are some chemicals and minerals that finds their way into your tap water. Instead of constantly purchasing bottled water, which is expensive and an environmental issue, you can opt for a Brita water filter. These filters attach directly to the faucet and can remove bacteria, minerals, and chemicals from the water.

Unscrew the aerator from the tip of your faucet. You can do this by twisting it counterclockwise with your; you do not need any special tools.

Place the Brita water filtration system's connection point onto the faucet and twist. This connects the filter to the faucet. Make sure the connection is tight to prevent water from leaking.

Insert the filter medium into the top of the Brita water filtration system. It snaps into place once the groves along the side of the filter match the insertion points on the filter.

Turn the filter handle on the side of the filter to "On." Turn on your faucet and let it run for five minutes. This flushes out any debris stuck inside the filter. The filter will last for about 100 gallons of water (typically about five months of use). Once you pass the five-month mark, change the filter medium.

Things You'll Need

  • Brita water filter
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