How to Open a Perfume Store

Updated April 17, 2017

Opening a perfume store is an interesting venture purely because it is not just business. Perfumes are a part of the lifestyle and cosmetics industry, and perfume stores have as much to do with the personality of the customers as with the fragrance formula. A perfume store needs to be marketed the right way before you can make money.

Choose a name for your store that blends well with the whole idea of perfumes. This is why the name needs to be synonymous with fragrances, aromas and perfumes.

Design your own logo, brand and bottles if you are going to sell a perfume of your own making. Perfumes are nothing if people cannot identify your brand or your logo. Having the best scents is nothing if you cannot get gorgeous bottles to hold the scent. Hire a logo designer through freelance websites such as, and explain the type of look and feel you would like for your logo, brand and bottle image.

Choose a perfume line that matches your target market's needs. If you are planning to open a store that will sell perfumes from other designers or from other brands, you must choose the best ones for your market. Decide if you will sell to a high-end audience or a low- to medium-end audience.

Hire salespeople with a good idea about fragrances, perfumes and at least some prior knowledge about the products. As an example, expensive perfumes have a base tone of floral fragrance or citrus notes, which is then accentuated and complemented by overtones of tobacco, woody scents or many other exotic ingredients like cloves. Only a person who understands the effect of these various ingredients can help customers get the scent they are looking for.

Diversify your inventory and categorise it. Your perfume store must have a good mix of various scents. Include floral fragrances like rose, lily, jasmine, lavender or exotic overtones with hints of spice, tobacco and chamomile. This diversity will attract customers looking to experiment.

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