How to make woollen pom poms

If you have leftover balls of woollen yarn lying around the house, put them to good use and make a few pom poms. Not only do big, fluffy woollen pom poms make for a good game of indoor catch, they also make cute little pets when adorned with a set of googly eyes. Pom poms also work well as embellishments for sweaters, hats and trainers. While the process takes some time, the end result is an eye-catching ball of woollen fluff.

Lay two pieces of cardboard in front of you. Set a small bowl upside-down on one of the pieces of cardboard and trace around the rim of the bowl with a pen or pencil. Repeat the process on the second piece of cardboard.

Place a drinking glass in the centre of the first circle and trace around it. Repeat the process on the other piece of cardboard. Both pieces of cardboard should have what looks like a doughnut traced on the top.

Cut out the doughnut-shaped circle on each piece of cardboard using a sharp pair of scissors. Poke the scissors through the centre of each doughnut and cut out the centre hole. You should now have two cardboard rings, equal in size.

Hold the cardboard rings together, evenly. Wind the wool around the cardboard rings, passing it through the hole and over the outside of the rings. Continue the process of pulling the wool through the hole, over the top and through the hole again until the rings are completely wrapped with wool.

Slip the tips of a pair of scissors in between the two pieces of cardboard and cut through the wool around the entire outer circumference of the rings. Pass a length of wool in between the two cardboard rings.

Tie the length of wool tightly around the centre of the cut wool, forming the pom shape. Remove the cardboard rings, revealing the pom.


If you are having a difficult time guiding the wool through the centre of the rings during wrapping, use a darning needle. Keep in mind that the size of your wool depends on the size of your rings. For an even larger pom, trace a large dinner plate, using a dessert plate to make the centre.


Do not separate the cardboard rings until you have the pom pom securely tied. Removing the cardboard rings prematurely will result in the pom pom falling apart.

Things You'll Need

  • Two pieces of cardboard
  • Small bowl
  • Pen or pencil
  • Drinking glass
  • Scissors
  • Wool
  • Darning needle
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