How to buy and sell VHS movies

Updated April 17, 2017

Nowadays, more people are buying DVDs and blu ray disks to watch movies than VHS tapes. VHS, or video home system tapes, are becoming obsolete with the boom in digital technology. Despite their declining popularity, VHS tapes are considered vintage and speciality items that can still be bought and sold. Older video movies are especially valuable if they are rare tapes that have been kept in good condition. There are a few different ways people can go about buying tapes to add to their collection or to sell them.

Locate movies that are recent and are more likely to be in stock at an affordable price from a local video rental shop or record store. Video rentals generally will place VHS on sale at marked-down prices, especially if they are used and over a year old.

Set up an account with eBay or Amazon and input your current shipping address and payment method data. Locate specific movie titles on eBay's search menu. Bid on current, vintage, or rare VHS movies from eBay.

Buy VHS tapes from garage sales or resale shops. You will probably find a variety of different used and good-to-moderate condition tape of all genres and ages. Negotiate or bargain for a fair price on used tapes that may be worn.

Clean tapes before selling them. Dip a lint-free cloth in rubbing alcohol to clean dirt from a VHS tape. Allow the alcohol to air dry.

Set up an online account with stores such as Amazon or eBay. Conduct a search through the store to view other seller's prices. Provide the title of the tape, the year in which it was produced, and an accurate description of the condition of the tape. If it is a VHS set, list the title and volume.

Set a fair price or starting bid that meets the condition and value of the tape. Determine your preferred payment method. State in your description the shipping options and whether you will accept refunds.

Organise a garage sale. Place all VHS into categories (e.g., drama, comedy, documentary). Price them according to their condition and age. Invest in a cash box and calculator for handling money. Have change available in the form of single bills and coins to make transactions.

Resell tapes at a consignment shop. Bring the tape in its original packaging or box if you can. Including the original packaging as well as any accessories or memorabilia the tape came with can be more valuable. The consignment shop will most likely pay you more money if tapes are in good condition. Read the shops terms and agreement before deciding to resell any tapes.

Consider selling vintage, rare, or special VHS copies at pawn shops to earn a greater profit. Conduct an online search on these titles to get an idea of their average value. Visit multiple pawn shops to determine who can get you the best value. Negotiate with the pawn shop on a fair price that you agree the tapes are worth. Read the company's contract before settling on a sale. Hold onto pawn tickets or receipts for future reference.

Things You'll Need

  • Alcohol
  • Cotton balls
  • Cash box
  • Calculator
  • Change
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