How to Clean a Paslode 350 Nail Gun

Updated May 18, 2018

Pneumatic or air operated nail guns allow quick installation of decks, porches, framing and roofs. A nail gun fires a nail immediately upon pressing the tip against an object. Nailing by hand takes several strikes with a hammer to embed a nail into wood. The Paslode 350 nail gun is adjustable to ensure that nails drive entirely into wood and other materials at the same level as the wood. Driving nails below the level of wood requires sealing each nail head to protect from water damage. Proper daily maintenance keeps nail guns operable for extended periods.

Unload all nails from the Paslode 350 nail gun after use. Pull the follower on the left side backward to the handle of the nail gun while depressing the release lever on the handle farthest from the nail gun tip. Slide the remaining nail strip out of the bottom of the nail gun.

Disconnect the air hose coupler from the bottom of the nail gun. Pull back the air coupler ring and it will release the nail gun.

Place an air nozzle on the air hose by pulling the coupler backward, inserting the air nozzle and releasing the coupler.

Spray the entire nail gun with air to remove any particles of dust, debris and sawdust from the tool. The compressed air will blow loose particles off the nail gun.

Turn the air compressor off and hold the air nozzle down until all air escapes from the air compressor.

Brush the nail gun with a paintbrush to loosen any embedded particles on the nail gun.

Add 12 drops of pneumatic tool oil in the base of the nail gun handle that attaches to the air hose.

Tighten all screws on the nail gun with an Allen wrench in a clockwise direction.

Store the nail gun in a dry environment until the next use.


An air gun cleaning kit includes compressed air in a can to blow loose particles from the tool in place of the air nozzle on an air compressor. Draining the air out of an air compressor keeps condensation from building up in the air hose, entering the nail gun and rusting the inside chamber of a nail gun. Lubricating oil will keep the O-ring in the base of the nail gun soft and pliable so that air leaks at this point in the gun will not appear. The vibration of a nail gun when embedding nails in materials causes the screws that hold the body together to loosen.


Keep all screws tight on a Paslode nail gun for the best performance. If a screw loosens, the gun can slip from a person’s grip and cause an accident.

Things You'll Need

  • Paslode nail gun cleaning kit or
  • Air nozzle
  • Paint brush
  • Pneumatic tool lubricating oil
  • Allen wrench
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