How to Reset Your Whole Computer with the F11 Function Key

Updated February 21, 2017

Over time your hard drive will become fragmented, slow down and become vulnerable to viruses. Rather than reformatting your drives and restoring all your programs individually, you can reset the entire computer back to its factory settings with the F11 key. This is a universal Windows restore key and the procedure works on all PC systems.

Close out all programs and shut down the system. Perform a standard shutdown by going through the "Start," "Shut Down" menu.

Wait a few moments, then power the computer back on. Push "F11" while the computer is booting up and the BIOS screen appears.

Choose to backup your user files when given the prompt. This process takes only a few moments.

Follow the remainder of the prompts involving operating system information you want to keep and other data that needs to be reset. Once complete, the entire computer is reset and restarts.

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