How to repair rug edges

A rug adds grace and elegance to a room. When rug edges fray and develop loose or stringy threads, you can prolong the life of the rug and repair the worn edge yourself. This type of rug repair involves no practical experience or training. Set aside an hour to repair a rug edge approximately 3 inches in length. Allow additional time for repairs on frayed edges longer than 3 inches. Get busy with rug edge repairs and help your rug retain its original charm.

Perform a thorough rug cleaning before attempting any repairs to the rug edges. Deep cleaning lifts loose and frayed fibres, making them easier to locate and repair.

Scrutinise all edges of the rug and determine which edges need repair work. Use your scissors to snip off long threads. Cut them short without causing damage to adjacent fibres.

Maintain colour consistency and select a fabric pen having the same colour dye as the rug edge. Repeated pressing of the pen point against the frayed edge will restore the colour.

Reduce the chance of fibre damage from glue spray. Use painter's tape to cover the areas adjacent to the repaired edge of the rug.

Hold the fabric glue spray can in an upright position and lightly spray a coat of fabric glue over the repaired edge. The fabric glue will bond the rug fibres together and prevent fraying. Remove the painter's tape after spraying. The rug can accept foot traffic again after the glue dries.


Turn rugs frequently to reduce wear from foot traffic.


Spray glue is flammable, do not use near an open flame.

Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Fabric pen
  • Painter's tape
  • Fabric glue
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