How to insert pebbles and glass in a concrete patio

Updated July 20, 2017

To add an element of surprise to your design, embed pebbles and glass in a concrete patio. The texture of pebbles and the sparkle of glass are unexpected elements that will add appeal to an otherwise dull concrete patio. Shapes and designs can be used to highlight a theme and help bring an outdoor space together.

Measure the area of the concrete patio where the pebble and glass design will be embedded with a tape measure. If the design will be shaped like a circle, for example, measure the diameter, the distance across a circle in the middle, as well as the circumference, the distance around a circle.

Sketch out a design on paper. It's possible to make intricate shapes and swirls using pebbles and glass. Random placement is another option. Refer to your measurements so you have enough pebbles and glass to complete the design.

Lay out the pebbles and glass on a board or other surface when making an intricate design. This allows you to set the pieces in place correctly when actually embedding them into the wet concrete. Be sure to wear gloves if the glass edges are jagged.

Insert pebbles and glass in the concrete using the planned design while the concrete is still wet but is starting to harden. Make sure the concrete is not so wet that the pebbles and glass, when pushed in, sink too far. The concrete should be partially hardened so there is some resistance when inserting the pieces.

Keep plenty of small pebbles or glass pieces on hand to fit into small spaces that may not be visible until the design is taking shape in the actual concrete patio. Stand back away from your work from time to time to look at the mosaic design or the random pattern to see if any additions or deletions need to be made to the design.

Check the level of the pebbles and glass. Make any adjustments by pushing down protruding pieces as needed using a concrete float or board. Make sure the concrete patio is completely dry before walking on it.


Use caution when working with glass.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Paper and pencil
  • Wet concrete patio
  • Gloves
  • Pebbles
  • Glass
  • Board or cement float
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