How to make small woven paper baskets

Updated April 17, 2017

Weaving paper baskets is a craft for all ages. Even young children can make them with a little help from an adult. A square basket is the simplest basket-weaving project, but with a little practice you can create baskets in different shapes, like heart-shaped baskets for Valentine's Day or pumpkin-shaped baskets for Halloween. Craft small baskets to fill with mints and use as party favours, or put a couple on your desk to corral paper clips.

Put two pieces of construction paper on a flat work surface, like a table or counter top. The smaller the paper, the smaller your basket will be.

Cut the paper the long way into 18 strips, each 1 inch wide.

Lay five of the strips vertically next to each other. Keep them straight and about an inch apart.

Begin at the right side and weave one paper strip horizontally over the first vertical strip and under the second. Continue until your reach the left side. Repeat the weaving process with four more strips.

Push the strips together in the centre to form the basket's bottom.

Form the basket's sides by folding the strips up on each side.

Make a long strip by gluing two strips together at the ends. Weave the long strip through the bottom of the folded strips all the way around the basket.

Fold the strip at each corner and glue it to form a square. When you have finished the fourth corner, trim the excess paper from the end of the strip and glue the ends of the strip together. Repeat this process until your basket is four rows high.

Glue down the side strips around the top edge of the basket and trim them to make the top edge even all the way around.


You can make a woven basket by substituting newspaper for the construction paper. Glue one end of a long strip to the inside of the baskets top. Arch it over to the opposite edge and glue it down to form a handle. For a checkerboard effect, use pieces of construction paper in two different colours.

Things You'll Need

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
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